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Located in Bay 1 of the shop floor, the metalworking area is home to all activities involving metal, fabrication, welding, abrasive blasting, machining, and much more.


  • Welders
    • MIG
    • TIG
    • Plasma Cutter
  • Abrasive Cutoff Saw
  • Bench Grinder
  • Metal Lathes
  • Powder Coating Oven
  • 3.7HP, 60 Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor
  • Abrasive Sand-Blasting Cabinet
  • Machining Mill

Hazards & Safety

  Crush Hazard (feet).  Equipment and materials in the metalworking area are heavy and can seriously injure you if dropped on your feet.   Wear eye protection (ANSI Z87 preferred) at all times in this area.  Additionally, wear welding hoods when welders are in use, or exit the area and remain outside the welding curtains.

Moving Parts. Many of our power tools have rotating parts, gears, belts, blades, pulleys, gantries, etc.  You should always make sure you have secured loose hair/clothing/accessories at all times.  Additionally, do not wear any kind of gloves when using mechanical equipment, due to snagging risks.

 Wear closed-toe shoes at all times in this area.
  Sharp Implements.  Jagged metal, splinters, flechettes.  You should be wearing gloves when welding, anyway.    Many of our tools make louder than normal noises, so wear hearing protection as needed.
  Fume/Ventilation Hazard.  Fine particulate, fumes from paint, stains, and other chemicals, and fumes from other areas may be present.  Always use the available dust collection and ventilation systems.  Wear breathing protection where fumes or fine particulate dust is present.
  Hazardous Lasers/Light in use.  Always view light through a UV barrier or with UV eye protection (such as a welding hood or UV goggles)  
Wear gloves when welding and handling rough metal.  Do not wear gloves when using the metal lathes or mill.


Non-Flammable Gases in use - Argon. Do not bring other compressed gases (especially flammable gases) into the building.  Secure all compressed gas tanks appropriately.

Roswell FireLabs
1601 Holcomb Bridge Rd

Roswell, GA 30076

Roswell FireLabs is managed by Atlanta Maker Alliance, Inc., a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

By participating in any activities at the Roswell Firelabs, you acknowledge the following terms:

  1. I am aware and understand that some activities conducted at Roswell Firelabs are inherently dangerous and involve risk of injury, death, or property damage. 
  2. I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the activities and/or facilities operated by the organization, and agree to accept all risks. 
  3. I acknowledge all training, safety, and general policies and procedures ratified by the organization, and pledge to abide by them.
  4. I acknowledge and agree to hold harmless Roswell Firelabs / Atlanta Maker Alliance, its members, officers, directors, successors, and delegates from all claims on account of personal injury, death, or property damage attributed to my participation in activities and/or facilities operated by Roswell Firelabs / Atlanta Maker Alliance.
  5. I agree to not bring any claims against the organization, and hereby release and discharge the organization from liability under any such claims.
  6. Additionally, I agree to hold the organization harmless against any and all losses, damages, liabilities, deficiencies, claims, actions, judgments, settlements, interest, awards, penalties, fines, costs, or expenses of whatever kind arising from any claim of a third party related to activities and/or facilities operated by Roswell Firelabs / Atlanta Maker Alliance.
  7. I acknowledge that Roswell Firelabs utilizes video recording devices for the security of the property and the welfare of the organization.

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